The “Holy Grail” WordPress Site Speed Course

The “Holy Grail”
WordPress Site Speed Course

I didn’t think it was possible. But I got my WordPress website to load in 1-second or less from anywhere in the world. It took a lot of time and work to get the moving parts right. But I’m not sitting on my secrets. I want to show you EXACTLY how I did it.

Take the FREE lessons available here and you’ll experience page load times you thought were unattainable with WordPress. If you’re impressed by your results, just know that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Course Community (Free and Premium Access Tiers)

The community for the Holy Grail WordPress Site Speed course lives on Circle. Basic Tier access to the community is included with your purchase of either version of the course (Lifetime Original & Lifetime All-Access).

Premium Tier community access is optionally available to students who buy the Lifetime All-Access version of the course. Membership to the Premium Community can be purchased during the checkout process after selecting the Lifetime All-Access version of the course.

Preview the HolyGrail WP Circle Community

Preview the Circle community here.

The “Holy Grail” WordPress Site Speed Course is LIVE!

The FREE mini-course is available now. It’s several videos that will help you get a feel for how the Holy Grail site speed configuration. So maybe “mini” isn’t the best description. Anyway.

It’s an in-depth teaser for the paid version of the course. Get access to the mini-course by completing the form in the next section on this page. Just pop in your name and email and you’ll be in!

A paid course is available for those who want even more granular teachings around WordPress site speed and performance optimizations using premium tools. If you like the free stuff, you’ll LOVE the paid course.

You will absolutely need an active license for the WP Rocket and Perfmatters plugins to follow along with the paid course. ^Those are my affiliate links.

You won’t get “Holy Grail” speed results without ^this plugin stack.

This course is perfect for anyone who’d like a step-by-step walkthrough of how to implement the more manually-intensive components of the Holy Grail configuration for their own or clients’ websites including:

Locally hosting and preloading Google fonts

Optimal Cloudflare configuration including Page Rules for Edge Caching

How to read waterfall charts in any website testing tool

How to find opportunities for asset preloading and DNS pre-connect for external 3rd party requests

How to identify Javascript that can be delayed, not just deferred, until after page load (for WP Rocket versions 3.8.8 and prior)

Other mythical WordPress performance magic

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Course Instructor

Jon Phillips Jon Phillips Your Instructor

Bonus #2: How to Speed Up Internal Page Navigation