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WordPress Website Speed Can Be a Pain in the 🍑

WordPress Site Speed Course

Drastically speed up your WordPress websites and crush Google’s Core Web Vitals

The “Holy Grail” WordPress Site Speed Course will show you how to drastically speed up your WordPress websites and improve your scores on Google’s Core Web Vitals by using Perfmatters (premium plugin), WP Rocket (another premium plugin), and a FREE Cloudflare account.

Ditch Slow Site Shame Forever!

You really want to see green numbers in GTmetrix, Page Speed Insights, and other speed tests for your clients’ websites, but advice in YouTube videos and blogs seem contradictory and it’s only confusing you.

And despite your best efforts, you’ve only gotten marginal improvements in your load times and Core Web Vitals scores.

Be Proud of How Fast Your Sites Load!

Your businesses’ website will perform as a professional website should

You’ll give your website visitors a better experience, elevating your prospects’ opinion of your business.

Your clients will experience your site’s performance and trust you can deliver similar results for them

You’ll happily give out your URL because you know users will be impressed by your website’s performance.

Perks of Learning to Do Site Speed Right

Feel like a load-speed rockstar! – Become a bonafide WordPress legend, confidently passing out your own URL, knowing your site will appear in the blink of an eye.

You’ll be able to confidently discuss website performance with clients, demonstrate your expertise and command of knowledge about WordPress performance, and position yourself as the obvious solution for prospects to hire – all without being “salesy”. 

Make More Money

Site speed services virtually sell themselves when you know how to talk about what you offer. And who doesn’t love an additional stream of revenue?

In Less Time

Client sites are easy to optimize once you know what to look for and how to solve speed issues. Your hourly rate can soar if you’re charging by the hour.

Feel Like a Rockstar

Stop hunting down full website builds and redesigns. Learn the skills you need to offer a premium service and you and your business can seriously level up 💯.

Why the heck should you take my advice on WordPress site speed?

I’m Jon Phillips

I’ve been building, breaking, and fixing WordPress sites for 7 years. More fixing than breaking in recent years, thankfully.

I run a small web design agency in Clinton, Mississippi. And when I say small, I mean I have one employee. That one employee is me. That makes me all-time Employee of the Month for 7 years running. ⭐️

I’ve built small websites and big websites for businesses in various industries, including some strange ones.

I’ve done white label WordPress web design and site maintenance for local agencies. I’ve worked with a few out-of-state clients (U.S.). And every now and then I work with a client or two across the pond.

I work with mostly small-to-medium-sized businesses. But I’ve built, and am currently managing, one client’s multi 6-figure per-year (net profit) eCommerce site.

And I’ve handled WordPress speed and Core Web Vitals optimizations for a handful of other multi 6-figure per-year (again, net profit) businesses’ websites along with plenty of small-to-medium sized business’ sites.

The coolest thing of all? I’ve stumbled, crashed, burned, and learned my way through all of this. And I’ve found I really enjoy working on all things related to WordPress website performance. So that’s where my business is focussed these days.

I’m going to teach you how to do what I do with WordPress site speed and performance – minus all the bumps, bruises, and wasted time and money it cost me along the way.

I would have gotten where I am today much faster if I would have had the course I’m sharing with you now.

The “Holy Grail” WordPress Site Speed Course is everything I wish I could have had when I first got into WordPress performance.

What Others Are SayinG

Now is the most lucrative time I’ve ever seen for site speed optimization services. Because of Google’s changes with Core Web Vitals, everyone is searching for answers on fixing their sites. And that’s not going to change anytime soon.

You don’t need to know how to code to make a career out of WordPress these days. It’s as easy as someone taking this course and working on one client site after another. You’ll better your site speed optimization skills with every site you touch.

– Brian Jackson, Perfmatters

I didn’t think our business’s WordPress website could get any faster. We’d put a lot of work into its speed and performance. We already had amazing hosting on VPS, a global CDN, server-side caching, WP Rocket, you name it we were doing it.

But then we stumbled across The “Holy Grail” WordPress Site Speed Course and were instantly taken to another level. In under an hour we’d implemented some of the tricks in this course. With every tip, we measured our site getting faster and faster.

– Jaron P, WPhost

Jon taught me how to complete website speed optimisation with 1-to-1 sessions and his online course. We covered the best plugins to use (and how to set them up), how to optimise images effectively as well as how to interpret speed and waterfall reports.

A hugely knowledgable, friendly, patient and brilliant teacher, Jon makes a complicated topic easy to get to grips with and really gives you the confidence to try things for yourself.

I highly recommend his online course and especially his 1-to-1 sessions.

Tom O’Grady, O’Grady Data Solutions Ltd

What’s In the Box?

This course helps you level-up your knowledge about WordPress website performance as as you follow along with screen share videos and tutorials.

You’ll watch me demonstrate site speed optimization strategies I’ve implemented on real, live WordPress websites as well as a few some demo sites spun up just for this course. That way you can see The “Holy Grail” method works, not just in theory, but in real-world use cases.

You want more details? I’ve got details for you.

Follow meeeeeeeee 🙌🏻

*slides down giant slide resembling a crazy straw*

*you wonder, “Where did the slide come from?!*

Stuff You’ll Learn

This stuff and mooooore
  • How to Properly Speed Test a Website (Before and After Optimizing)
  • Tools: The “Holy Grail” Plugin + Hosting Stack
  • WP Rocket: Optimal Plugin Configuration
  • Perfmatters: Optimal Plugin Configuration
  • Deferring and/or Delaying JavaScript with WP Rocket
  • How to Completely Disable Unneeded Plugins on a Per-Page basis
  • How to Disable Parts of Plugins (CSS + JS) while retaining needed functionality
  • Cloudflare Configuration for Edge Caching (FREE account)
  • Bonus #1: Image Optimization and Asset Delivery for WordPress
  • Bonus #2: How to Speed Up WordPress Admin + Internal Page Navigation

Here’s What You Get

🙌 Guidance for optimizing the setup of the premium plugins, Perfmatters and WP Rocket, to your site’s specific needs

You will ABSOLUTELY need an active license for both Perfmatters and WP Rocket to follow along with the course.

You won’t get the results I teach about without them. If you don’t already have licenses for those plugins, my affiliate links for Perfmatters and WP Rocket are in the FAQ section at the bottom of this page as well as embedded within the course. Or you can just Google them if you’d rather get your licenses that way.

The point is I teach a premium solution for speeding up WordPress sites. So premium tools are required for this course. Licenses are not included with the purchase of the course.

⛅️ Walk-through of configuring a FREE Cloudflare account to give you the best performance boosts you can get for your website without spending a dime

Setup includes speed, performance, and security benefits for your site(s).

📽 Video lessons on website performance testing, plugins, asset optimization, Cloudflare, image optimization, lazy loading, CDNs, and more

Every worthwhile strategy for optimizing WordPress sites for speed is covered.

🎧 Private podcast stream to listen to lesson audio on the go via your favorite podcast app

So you can consume course content in any format you prefer. Listen to the lessons on-the-go, then next time you’re back at your computer you can watch the bits of the video you need to follow along with on the screen. Looking at you, podcast lovers. 👀

🕺 Course Community – Free to all students

So you can discuss course contents with other students and your instructor (that’s me) so we can help each other get the site speed results we’re after. The community lives on Circle, a wonderful platform free of ads and dedicated to the course community.

There’s even a handy mobile app 🤳 you’ll actually use to keep up with course and community happenings. Like seriously. It’s good. You’ll really use it. Promise.

👑 The HolyGrail Round TablePremium Membership (paid add-on)

Get connected with like-minded service providers and WordPress professionals who take site speed seriously and offer (or want to start offering) site speed optimization services to clients. This is a paid group within the Circle community.

This premium community includes private messaging with me, additional training outside of the course material, interviews with special guests, and Master Classes taught by WordPress performance experts.

The Result: Blazing Fast WordPress Sites for You and Your Clients

By the time you complete the course, you’ll know EXACTLY how to identify the culprits that cause slow WordPress load times and crumby Page Speed Insights scores. Better yet, you’ll know how to make those problems go away for good. And you’ll know how to apply your newfound detective skills and performance tweaks on your own website(s).

Imagine how much faster your website(s) would be if you learned how to:

  • Properly interpret website speed test results
  • Identify image files that are way too big and slowing down your pages
  • Recognize unnecessary JavaScript and CSS files loading on each page
  • Remove ^those files without breaking your designs (or your entire website)
  • Eliminate 3rd party asset requests (Google Analytics, Google Fonts, etc.) by storing them locally and loading them from your own server
  • Identify and solve speed bumps that are sabotaging your Core Web Vitals scores, and
  • Smush those pesky Core Web Vitals gremlins that have been slowly sucking the will to live right out of your body

Okay, ^that last bullet may be a bit of an exaggeration.

Core Web Vitals can be a pain, but hopefully they’re not causing you that much trouble. If they are, we should definitely talk.

The Most Exciting Benefit

You’ll have a faster website. No doubt about that.

What’s more, you’ll come away with an extremely lucrative, in-demand skillset in the WordPress marketplace where there is no shortage of slow, underperforming websites.

That way you can take what you’ve learned and turn your new skills into a productized service you can flip for a profit. Hello new stream of revenue. 😎

According to W3Techs, as of 2021, WordPress is powering 42.2% of all the websites on the Internet today. Counting only sites that use a content management system (CMS), WordPress has a market share of 65.1% with Shopify having the next biggest piece of the pie at just 3.2%.

If you’ve never thought about selling WordPress site speed optimization as a productized service, I hope your wheels are turning.

And if you’ve thought about it but haven’t capitalized on this incredible opportunity yet, what are you waiting for??

With some practice using the skills you pick up in this course, you’ll be able to confidently speed up clients’ websites, deliver impressive results, and get paid handsomely for it.

What Does It Cost?

Lifetime All-Access: $397 $317.60 w/ Cyber Monday coupon CM2021 for 20% off (add coupon at checkout)

What Does “Lifetime All-Access” mean?

🥳 Lifetime All-Access

Lifetime access to the course contents and updates specific to the original “Holy Grail” stack (GeneratePress Premium Theme, Kadence Blocks, WP Rocket, Perfmatters, Cloudflare, and Flywheel Managed Hosting).

If anything changes regarding new features or newly discovered best practices for using the tools that make up the original tech stack (see above), I’ll always update this tier of the course to reflect the latest and greatest information regarding their use.

I’ll add content to this access tier based on the feedback I receive feedback students who have gone through the course. Students in this tier will be the ones who decide what content gets added to it as well as the Premium Community in Circle.

Feedback and requests from the early adopters and engaged students will determine what content, beyond what I mentioned above, will go into the All-Access tier and premium community for years to come.

If you’re looking to optimize the performance of your or your clients’ WordPress website(s) for the foreseeable future, this course will grow with you and get better over time. Let’s grow old together.

Buy Now With Cyber Monday Pricing

Grab the Holy Grail WordPress Site Speed Course for the lowest price ever. As the course grows with student feedback over time, the price will only increase. Now is the best time to buy.

After you purchase, you’ll have instant access the course material and community access tier corresponding to your purchase. So dive into the content and introduce yourself in the Circle community.

Lifetime All-Access


$317.60 w/ 20% off coupon CM2021

Lifetime access so you’ll always have the best, most up to date version of my site speed methods

Video and podcast lesson formats so you can consume the course however you like

Supportive, safe Circle community so you’re never alone in the site speed journey.

Learn skills you can use to sell WordPress speed optimization as a service

More opportunities for high-touch access to me (Jon) for coaching and feedback on your optimizations

All experience levels welcome!

This course is the answer to your WordPress speed problems

The Holy Grail WordPress Site Speed Course is everything you need to help you make your website(s) faster while developing an in-demand skill you can use to generate a potentially untapped revenue stream for your web design business.

  • Lifetime access so you’ll always have the best, most up to date version of my method
  • Video and podcast lesson formats so you can consume the course however you like.
  • Learn skills you can use to sell speed optimization as a service
  • Supportive, safe Circle community so you’re never alone in the site speed journey. All experience levels welcome!

For the price of 1-year of any decent, managed WordPress hosting plan you can learn to speed up your WordPress website and solve your Core Web Vitals woes.

What kind of valuation do you place on site speed?

And what would you charge for this service if you were offering it yourself?

When you realize how quickly you’ll recoup the money you invest in this course, making the decision to buy is easy.

What would you pay to have someone optimize your site and get you into the green on your favorite website speed test? Seriously ask yourself, what’s that worth to you.

Got a number in mind? Good.

That’s how much you currently value this kind of done-for-you service (no matter how significantly you may be undervaluing it).

Now consider how much YOU would like to sell this service for if you were offering it to clients? It’s probably a higher number.

With the latter number in mind, you might determine you’d need to sell just 1 optimization package to make your money back and then some. Or maybe you need to sell the service 2-3 times.

Now Consider This:

When you invest in yourself through this course, you’ll get great site speed results for yourself. That’s a given.

But as you go through the course material, if you don’t see it already, you’ll start to realize the very same skills you’re learning can be packaged up and sold to clients as a productized service.

If you’re a web designer, developer, or agency owner you’re seeing dollar signs right now. Aren’t you?

The point is, with the skills you’ll gain from this course you’ll have no trouble making your money back. Fast.

Whether ^that’s in terms of the value you personally receive from the course, or in revenue you generate for your business from what you learn.

Buy the course today. Questions, anyone?

Seriously, if you have questions – hit me up via the chat widget in the bottom right corner of your screen.


Yes! This course leans heavily on Perfmatters and WP Rocket.

You’ll need an active license of both of those plugins to follow along with this course.

You won’t get the kinds of results I want for you without using the tools I’m recommending.

If you don’t already have a license for those plugins, my affiliate links for each are here: Perfmatters and WP Rocket

The methods taught in the course will work with any theme.

I use Kadence, GeneratePress, and Divi as my themes of reference throughout the course.

But you don’t have to be using one of those themes to benefit from this course. All the same strategies will apply – no matter your theme.

Heck, I don’t know. Maybe? If you’re on less-than-stellar hosting, it’s worth considering how seriously you want to speed things up.

After all, your hosting is the foundation of your site speed. We can do a lot by working with what you’ve already got.

But if it becomes evident your hosting is the bottleneck stopping you shy of getting the best results possible, you may consider switching hosts.

You’ll probably have the best results with a host that isn’t the absolute cheapest host you can get your hands on.

I’m not against any particular hosts or anything. But there are a few shared hosts in particular that come to mind as generally being…. not so good. (i.e. Bluehost, Hostgator, GoDaddy, etc.).

You usually get what you pay for. If you’re paying $5 per month for hosting, you’ll get $5 per-month performance.

Lol, no. I just keep Googling stuff and it keeps working.

And no, I didn’t go to school for this stuff. I’ve taken online courses here and there.

But I don’t know how to write custom code aside from some basic CSS and HTML. And some don’t even consider that stuff coding.

I genuinely don’t want anyone purchasing this course if it’s not a good fit for them. So I have a 30-day refund window.

Though technically, digital products are tough to refund. Because once you’ve got access to the course, you can see everything.

30-days is more than enough time for you to go through this course. If you genuinely don’t find the material valuable, I’ll consider it my mistake for not having filtered you out of the sales process before you purchased.

There’s a required survey I’ll ask you to complete before I process refunds. It’ll help me make the course better.

Note: if you’re the type of person who would go to an amusement park, ride all the rides, then ask for your money back on your way out – that’s on you.

If you’re not sure if the course is right for you, book a free 15-minute Zoom call with me or submit this contact form with your questions and I’ll help you make a decision. No hard sale, promise.

Just know I’ll try to turn you away if it doesn’t sound to me like the course is a good fit for you.

I won’t be mean about it. I just don’t want you to make the wrong decision for you. 

That’s it. End of the page.